neuMoisture Shampoo Neuma Hair Care

Size: 250ML
$33 $42

neuMoisture Shampoo Neuma Hair Care. Gently cleanses while restoring moisture balance. Luxurious, rich lather nurtures and hydrates, leaving hair smooth, soft and shiny.

• Water-soluble, sulfate-free* surfactant derived from Coconut for the gentlest cleansing possible
• Restores hair hydration levels
• Smooths the surface of hair
• Imparts brilliant shine
• Perfect for daily use or as needed for dry or chemically-treated hair

Lavender, Mandarin and Vanilla

Wet hair, lather, rinse.

Feel free to address your client's unique
needs by pairing this shampoo with a different
conditioner from another collection such as
Volume Conditioner for a shiny blowout that is
full of volume and body.


• Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein: With
both small and large molecular weights,
this vegetable-based copolymer delivers
moisture within while reinforcing the
cuticle to improve condition of hair and
minimize breakage.

• Shea Butter: Due to its high content
of fatty acids, Shea Butter helps
add moisture, reducing dryness and
preventing split ends. It also contributes
to increasing shine and reducing frizz
while softening hair.

• Argan Oil: Nourishes, adds elasticity,
infuses moisture and boosts shine. Argan
Oil has been shown to lubricate the
hair shaft to help hair maintain moisture
content, preventing dryness and breakage
while reducing fizz.

Neuma neuMoisture Shampoo

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