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1 x Ethica Anti-Aging Shampoo 1000ML
1 x Ethica Anti-Ageing Conditioner 1000ML
1 x Ethica Corrective Treatment Refill 180ML
1 x Ethica Corrective Treatment / Application 60ML
1 x Avanti Free Play 5/8" Mini Travel Flat Iron - 410C Heat

ETHICA Anti-Aging Stimulating Daily Shampoo

A balanced blend of biotech and botanicals that is part professional salon shampoo, part anti ageing skin creme and part active growth stimulation, this is ETHICA daily anti-ageing shampoo.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful yet gentle daily formulation
  • Provides anti-ageing for scalp and hair
  • Maximizes potential hair count
  • Protects and strengthens follicle
  • Accelerates speed of growth
  • Balances ph
  • Free of sulphates and parabens

ETHICA Anti-Aging Stimulating Daily Conditioner

The conditioner is formulated first to be a high-end salon conditioner, from there it added just the right amount of micro-sphere encapsulated stimulating amino acids, botanicals and oils to complement the ingredients in ETHICA shampoo.

Repairative. Stimulating. Max results. Ethica Topical Corrective Treatment is for men and women with moderate to advanced corrective needs.

A powerful but lightweight topical for moderate to advanced thinning in men and women of all ages – used alongside of your daily skincare regimen – will maximize the potential in any hair type.


    • For moderate to advanced corrective repair
    • Water-based, alcohol-free formulation
    • Leave no residues
    • Ethica Topical Corrective Treatment provides maximum results
    • For men and women of all ages
    • Ethica Topical Corrective Treatment can be used after chemotherapy

Use directions

Shake before use. Apply up to 7 sprays directly to the scalp in the desired or thinning area twice per day – applying more product does not increase results. Gently rub the liquid in evenly, focusing on the scalp. Ethica Topical Corrective Treatment absorbs very quickly, you do not need to keep massaging in order for it to penetrate. Do not rinse. Wash hands after use. Apply on a consistent schedule whether the hair is wet or dry or has been washed or not.

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