Kevin.Murphy Balancing.Wash | Night.Rider Paste | Shave Creme

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1 - 250ML Wash
1 - 100GR Night.Rider Moulding Paste
1 - 100ML Shave Creme

When you want an everyday shampoo, it’s all about finding the right balance…our BALANCING.WASH does exactly that by gently, yet effectively cleansing the hair and scalp. Its antioxidant-rich blend helps strengthen the hair while protecting against color fade, making it the perfect daily shampoo.

Buckle up for a tough ride with NIGHT.RIDER, the strongest of our hardworking molding pastes. Designed to deliver rough, matte texture to enhance short or choppy looks, our state-of-the-art paste helps seal in moisture to prevent hair breakage and helps hair appear healthier and full of shine.

KEVIN.MURPHY SHAVE.CRÈME will leave your skin feeling moisturized and nourished. Infused with soothing sandalwood, this moisture-rich shave crème is just what you need for a clean, comfortable shave.

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