Hair Care Canada Welcomes Luxury Hair Care Product Line, RAINCRY
With a cult like following among celebrities, hairstylist's, fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts alike, RAINCRY will continue to combine innovation with high-quality, high-performance details that will help your hair get noticed.   Whether using our potent, pH balanced product formulas, or one of our elite lines of European styling tools, know that RAINCRY is committed to sourcing the globe for responsible, effective, luxurious solutions that will help your hair look and feel incredible.  Experience the luxurious world of elevated, clean beauty by RAINCRY.
Ethnobotany / eTHnōˈbät(ə)nē / noun -  The scientific study of traditional knowledge and customs of a people or culture concerning plants and their medical, religious, and other uses.
Thousands of years of trial and error cannot be wrong.  In the past, most cultures relied upon proven plant oils and flower extracts for their hair needs and passed down these recipes because they excelled at treating their hair textures.  In recent years however, few haircare brands have studied, analyzed or incorporated either these ethnobotanical ingredients, nor many of the revolutionary scientific ingredients (found in luxury skincare) to help enhance product performance... until now.  From the best of both worlds comes RAINCRY's haircare Collections.
At RAINCRY, we have worked with leading chemists and applied what hairstylists know, to take an in-depth look at hair, examine its textures, and analyze ethnobotanical and scientific ingredients to determine their potency, effectiveness and performance.  Routed not only in modern science but also ancient traditions, each luxurious formula has been extensively tested in the lab and the world’s best salons.  The result - an innovative, pH balanced and high performance line of beauty products that combines the best that science and ethnobotany has to offer.  
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