Killer Curls 1000ML Wash and Rinse Duo By Kevin Murphy

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Killer.Curls 1000ML Wash and Rinse Duo By Kevin Murphy

1 – Killer.Curls WASH 1000ML
1 – Killer.Curls RINSE 1000ML

1 - 100ML Maxi Wash Detoxifying wash
2 – Pumps 

Brand New Product By Kevin Murphy

Define, enhance, and refine naturally textured or permed hair with our NEW KILLER products!
Curls look and feel natural and soft, as the KILLER.CURLS regimen delivers the ideal balance of elasticity to the hair.


A nourishing Oat Milk shampoo that gently cleanses hair while protecting the cuticle. Its ingredients, rich in fatty acids, preserve the hair’s strength and retain moisture to enhance texture for healthy, shiny hair.


  • Hydrating & nourishing
  • Enhances curl & refines texture •
  • Ideal for both naturally curly & permed hair
  • Smooths curls
  • Colour-safe
  • Vegan


A nourishing Oat Milk conditioner that deeply hydrates and strengthens, diminishing the likelihood of breakage. Protects against colour fading and refines texture for soft and bouncy curls that are shiny and defined.

Key Features and benefits

  • Hydrating and nourishing
  • Refines texture
  • Improves shine
  • Ideal for both naturally curly and permed hair
  • Strengthening
  • Colour-safe
  • Vegan

KILLER.CURLS RINSE, Kevin Murphy's conditioner oat milk for coily, curly hair, that deeply hydrates and nourishes.

How to use

Apply KILLER.CURLS RINSE CONDITIONER to freshly washed hair with Killer.Curls Wash, leave for 1-2 minutes then rinse.

Partner to the wash and rinse is Killer.Twirls

Clarify, detox, and return to purity with Maxi.Wash twice monthly.

Designed to deliver a much-needed detox,  Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash Detoxifying Shampoo removes the build-up of unwanted products and chemicals from the hair.

Our gentle detoxifying shampoo helps to purify for a clean, clear and refreshed scalp, and our soothing blend of essential oils brightens the hair while purifying and balancing the scalp. Its deep cleansing action provides a thorough cleanse without stripping the hair of essential oils.

Benefits of Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash Detoxifying Shampoo:

  • Gently yet effectively removes unwanted product and mineral buildup
  • Detoxifies and stimulates sluggish scalps
  • Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash Detoxifying Shampoo prepares the hair to receive essential nutrients
  • An ideal pre-colour treatment shampoo
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

 Killer Curls 1000ML Wash and Rinse Duo By Kevin Murphy

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