Neuma Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment

Size: 150ML
$28 $33

Neuma Neu Repair Leave-In Treatment. Refresh, revitalize and nourish hair and scalp with this gentle, purifying formula to remove build-up and impurities. Leaves hair clean, fresh and vibrant.

• Water-soluble, sulfate-free* surfactant derived from coconut for the gentlest cleansing possible
• Refreshes and helps remove product build-up without drying out hair
• Enhances body and adds shine
• Nourishes and promotes a healthy scalp
• Lightweight formula for all hair and scalp type

Peppermint and Vanilla

Wet hair, lather, leave on up to one minute. Rinse.

Use this shampoo as a treatment before color
services to remove build-up and debris for
precise color placement.

 Sunflower Seed Oil: Helps provide
protection against fading while adding
shine and shielding hair from heat damage.
 Peppermint Oil: Helps enhance body
and volume. Helps stimulate the scalp
and promote circulation encouraging a
healthy scalp environment.
 Lavender Oil: Provides soothing
and smoothing benefits to hair and scalp.

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