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Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again 1000ML Shampoo & Conditioner 

1 - 1000ML Wash
1 - 1000ML Rinse
2 - Pumps
1 - 150ML Ever.Smooth Styling Spray

Tame unruly tresses, and fight back against frizz with our targeted smoothing shampoo, SMOOTH.AGAIN.WASH. This smooth operator will nourish and refine thick, coarse, and unruly hair, delivering all-over softness and a stronger, smoother, shinier-looking finish.

Smoothly does it – thanks to our targeted smoothing and refining conditioner SMOOTH.AGAIN.RINSE. Created to nourish and smooth thick, coarse hair using ion-based cationic technology, Keratin Proteins mimic the structure of hair’s natural proteins to seamlessly smooth and refine where needed the most. This hardworking smoothing conditioner also provides a layer of protection to help seal split ends and reduces the appearance of frizz.

Activated by the heat of your blow dryer, Kevin Murphy Ever.Smooth Styling Spray is a lightweight styling spray that creates the ultimate silky, smooth blow-dry with softness, volume, and a frizz-free finish.

Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again 1000ML Shampoo & Conditioner 

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