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Hair Ages? Yes!

You’ve probably heard all the buzz words when it comes to hair care, and there are certainly too many to list here. Yet over the past few years, one phrase has been on the tips of our tongues – ‘anti-aging’. In fact, hair really does age!

We all have routines to help maintain our youth as we add more candles to the birthday cake – more intense workouts, stricter skin care regimens, and eating habits adjustments for a slowing metabolism. But what about our hair?

As we age, our hair production slows, texture becomes “thinner”, a reduction in keratin makes hair feel coarser and drier, and pigment cells stop working which causes our hair to turn a distinguished grey. So, on the most basic level, the idea of keeping your hair ‘youthful’ is mostly about keeping its color, strength, volume and shine.

The Skin Care of Hair Care

Deep within our scalp, each hair grows from an individual follicle. The goal is to keep the skin on your head healthy so that our hair can continue to be produced at its maximum potential. The healthier our scalp, the healthier our hair.

As with skin care, the science of hair care is also complicated. No one ingredient contains the perfect solution. In shampoo, you want to look for a combination of ingredients that address your core concerns, and for what we are talking about today, those ingredients will want to address the issues of aging hair.

Hair care technology is always advancing, and Ethica Beauty takes full advantage of new science breakthroughs to help provide the best anti-aging hair care on the market. Our product line is free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten. Plus, Ethica never tests on animals – making our entire line Peta certified.

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