Thank you to our supportive customers!

It is hard to believe that we have just passed 15 months since we opened our virtual doors!

Thanks to our wonderful customers who have all taken a chance with thier first time purchase from Hair Care Canada, and thanks to all of those who have returned to purchase the finest hair care available many times over. Our repeat customer purchases have now surpassed 25% of our activity, and we are grateful to be allowed to serve.

When we first started out and hit 100 orders after almost 90 days we were ecstatic! As of today we have packed and shipped over 4,500 boxes that have carried 10,000 products as of today, to our valued customers!

Hair Care Canada was created during a time of chaos and uncertainty.  It was a time that forced re-invention of ones self. Because of customers who have embraced us, the uncertainty and chaos has shifted to appreciation and fulfillment.

"some storms come to create chaos, but some storms come to clear a path - unknown"


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